ISLARIÖN is a relaxing videogame which allows the player develop its creativity by building unique islands.

Create unique islands by planning or just follow your instincts.
Get inspired and investigate all possible combinations between tiles, biomes, heights...

ISLARIÖN has no main objective, it is completely defined by YOU.

Explore the possibilities and tools that ISLARIÖN offers to you and develop your creativity in this casual experience.


Use your creativity to build incredible unique islands.

Discover all secrets hidden in building your own island.

Explore the existing synergies of mixing different biomes.

Build up to 6 independent islands in different save slots.


About the development 

The original concept of ISLARIÖN comes from a tool created to facilitate the terrain generation on the last project I participated:  Dracmatic Raid.

After the release of Dracmatic Raid, this tool has been improved in all technical and design aspects, and its use has been gamified at various layers.

ISLARIÖN has been completely developed by:

Quim Colobrans Ramírez


¡The development of Islariön is not over!

All profit generated from this project is DIRECTLY used in making ISLARÏON a better experience.

Special Thanks 

Install instructions

Ready for Android 5.1 or better.


Download with Google Play

Development log


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Very cool looking! Gotta check this out soon~

Hi! Thanks for your words! You can try it now for free! I hope you like it!


Good game good luck